Nowadays, for most of companies a website has turned into a letter of introduction, the client's first impression, and a very important communication and sales tool. Therefore, a website has to reflect the true philosophy of the company and make it stand out from the rest.

We can do that. We study deeply each company to develop different, innovative, and effective websites which will be a reflection of their owners.

All of us have a Facebook personal profile, a Twitter account, and thousands of pictures on Instagram. However, when a profile is related to our business, we have to take care of each message, give an effective answer to each client and solve problems answering their needs as the same time as we reinforce the brand's image. And that, friends, is not so easy.

On top of doing all that correctly, if you can measure in numbers the effectiveness of your communications, success is guaranteed. Shall we begin?

The connection with media is not new for us. In fact, Ideanto's founders grew up in the journalism world, in press conferences, articles and institutional communications. However, specially these days, when information is within everyone's reach just a click away, we must define really who we are and how we communicate it.

Let us help you to plan an effective mode of communication for traditional media, as well as blogs and social networks. We know how to do it.

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