Isn't true that sometimes you see and ad or receive a letter and you don't even need to see the brand to know which one is it? That is called Corporate Identity, and it is achieved by giving consistency and unity, both in image and tone, to every single piece coming from your company, from a business card to a TV spot.

All these details are defined in the Corporate Identity Manual, inside which all the media and means you are going to use (now or in the future) must be considered. And, if you do that properly, your company will be easily recognizable too.

Adverts, spots, banners, mails, headers, leaflets, letters, catalogues, canvas banners, hoardings, vinyl banners... The list of advertising means is infinite, and each one has its technical specifications, advantages, and target audience. Because of that, in order to make the most of each message, we must fit it to the means, without forgetting to maintain consistency and corporate identity.

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